Even Lash Professionals have bad eyelash experiences....

Written by Michelle Sweeney

It always comes up with every appointment, I have clients telling me of their friends bad experience with inqualified lash technicians.

There is always a small margin of clients who may develop sensitivities with glues, polymers in the extensions, latex in the tapes or even the gel eyepads, but these are normally recognised as part of your inital client consultation.

But there is no excuse for poor application, clumping, thick horrid lashes.  Last week I had a girl tell me a reputable business applied lashes to both eyes in under an hour! yep... the client had issues and had to go elsewhere to have these removed and professionally applied.

I though I would share my experience! It has scarred me a little bit...IT is also the reason I am soooooo careful to ensure the correct procedures are following both in application and sterilisation.

I decided I needed a quick set of eyelashes before attending and demonstrating at a local wedding expo.  Big mistake.  I use the words quick!!!

I normally go to a lash technician I trust (Laurene at Flawless Eyestyling) but as I didn't want to bother her trying to get an appointment at last minute  I went elsewhere.

During the appointment I felt sheeeeeeeeeeer agony! which I knew that I shouldn't be feeling but felt bad to say anything.... The girl finished up really quick... really quick... I left the appointment extremely underwhelmed with my experience as I knew this studio has a fantastic name.  By 11pm that night I had an extremely red eye...  I had glue in my eye...

Next morning you guessed it - it had developed into a horrid red eye with infection starting to take hold! so I called the studio to advise of my problem.  They were extremely apologetic and professional and got me back straight away to rectify!

I suppose what Im saying is sometimes speed and this client in and out in under 1.5hr approach sometimes backfires... Mistakes do happen but it's how you rectify them as a professional technician.  I have posted some pics below of my issues!! 

So plllllllllease if your at an eyelash technician and you feel this stinging pain! you need to advise the technician as you should not be feeling this.. as a professional the technician should be qualified to rectify on the spot!







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