Eyelush Australia - Do you know how many lashes your technician has applied?

Written by Michelle Sweeney

How many lashes do you leave your lash technician with??

Humans have 70 to 150 eyelashes on the upper lid and 70 to 80 eyelashes on the lower lid of each eye.

So when a technician says "I'm doing fullsets for $80" they should be able to tell you exactly how many lashes they are applying.

What should you expect from your technician?

Technicians should know exactly how many lashes they are applying whether it be classic or russian volume.  If they have isolated correctly and have applied lashes evenly they will know exactly how many lashes on each eye.

This enables the technician to track any changes.  Your lash technician should be counting how many lashes you have at each appointment and reviewing your retention at every appointment.

I will be posting a graph shortly of retention for lashes.  At Eyelush we track retention for "every single client".  Even though we are aware changes are occuring to your lashes all the time - as a qualified and fully accountable technician who is responsible for ensuring your lash count is even and every single lash is "managed"!!

So next time you see that special "I'm doing fullsets for $80" ask your technician how many lashes they apply in a fullset and how many they have applied for you!  If you have between 90-150 lashes naturally that's how many you should have in your fullset!

xxx lush you soon xxx

p.s - will be posting one of my client retention graphs shortly xx


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