Now offering waxing services

Written by Michelle Sweeney

Hi All

After a hectic 2 weeks down at the French Beauty Academy I've passed my waxing courses.  So I will now be offering waxing services.

Remember I have learnt the latest tips and techniques and have been stringently assessed against these techniques by one of the most prestigious beauty academies in the Country.  So I'm looking forward to getting to know your hairs and start you on the "hair free" journey.  (I know it's a bit deep for 11am in the morning! but on a lighter note - Im now addicted to underarm waxing! so watch out for my specials coming up that will include a free underarm wax).

Will be uploading waxing prices shortly.

Text me on 0413 183 840 or go to online booking to book one of these new services.


Michelle xx

(A pic below of my amazing partner who volunteered to be hair free on the male model day)


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