Planning Weddings Expo, The French Beauty Academy - Lycon and CND training!

Written by Michelle Sweeney


Its been a huge couple of weeks!

A four day weekend away with our girl in Newcastle with my parents. A weekend doing demo's at the Planning Weddings Expo and a week at the French Beauty Academy for the Education Symposium.

Life just keeps chugging along! Wow we have an almost 2 year old that is in the midst of her terrible twos...and a million and one assignments and assessments to complete over the next couple of months.

So.... what have I been doing apart from all of the above...

A successful weekend at the Planning Weddings Expo in Cleveland - thanks to two wonderful models (Karen) and Laurene from (Flawless Eyestying).  We applied a full set of silk lashes on Karen and attempted to put a set on Laurene. (Note to clients wishing to have extensions applied: Any conditioning type mascaras do work wonders on the strenthening/lengthening of lashes but may have an impact on the extensions and their bonding to the natural lash.

Ok.. so more news... I spent the week training at the college - I attended the Lycon Precision Brow Sculpting Workshop, the Lycon Brazillian workshop and the CND Back to Basics courses.

Full on learning but came away with new and up to date techniques for Lycon wax application and hair removal.  More tips on using the tint to stain the skin and create a fuller brow.

I also had the pleasure of attending a demo brazillian! poor lady was a champion! a class of 20 eager students watching on learning up to date brazillian techniques.. Including the Lycon "Chastity Belt" technique.  The future brazillianistas all came out armed and ready to get rid of those unwanted hairs! in unwanted places ;-)

Last .. CND Back to Basics workshop! came away learning fantastic CND shellac techniques.  Exciting stuff ahead for Eyelush!

I will be using Thursday every week as a training day in the studio!  Services will be heavily discounted depending on what I need to work on for college! hopefully this will benefit not only myself but my clients as I become qualifiied in new techniques and keep up to date with current technologies.   

 (p.s! my new CND LED light - half the curing time!!!) only have a small selection of CND shellac.  Bright is best xx

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