Welcome to Eyelush!

Written by Michelle Sweeney

Welcome! I want to introduce myself and 'EYELUSH'.

Back in 2013 my wonderful partner and I received the shock news that we were pregnant!

Having not planned the pregnancy and being a complete control freak this came as a huge shock. I was working long hours on a huge project with alot of staff. I had control of my life!!

The pregnancy went well and "Charlize Michelle" was born on the 19th September! the day etched in my mind forever! the day our lives changed forever!

Being a FIFO (fly in fly out) partner and high risk to postnatal depression, I was fully aware I had to pull myself together and focus on this little person by myself or I would lose it! I was doing fine! until 11 weeks it all caught up with me!

Having a stint at home in Canberra with Mum and Dad, and getting myself together, we came home to start again! Coming home to hours of Doctors and Physcologist appointments. I have finally found that "nice" inner peace! A place where I worked out that my health, my partner and my child are the most important things in my life! Where I truly found out who "my friends were"! and why I had to make the change to do something for me! Rather than worrying about others and what they thought!

The thought of going back to work in a job that I had become to hate loomed! This of course made things worse thinking about how I would cope being the control freak and perfectionist that I am!

So I took a chance! I completed my accreditation in eyelash extension and eyebrow design and haven't looked back! I feel like I have control again! control of my life, control of our lives! With the support of my family and friends, we are slowly beating this illness!

I am currently studying a Diploma of beauty with the prestigious French Beauty Academy at Robina on the Gold Coast, and hope to expand my services!

I love lashes and eyebrows so will be focussing on the gateway to your souls!

So Eyelush "eyelash"/"lush" was created! Everyone feels lush with long eyelashes - a bit of mascara does wonders for the soul, don't care what anyone says!

At Eyelush I create gorgeous sets of natural eyelash extensions, and finished off with either the diamond/platinum eyebrow package you will walk out feeling a million dollars! a few hours with me will make you feel amazing!

Eyelush are also in the process of partnering with Beyond Blue and will be holding a number of events throughout the year to raise $$$ to assist beyond blue as an organisation to continue their wonderful work in raising awareness of depression.

Eyelush will be posting not only about lashes but beauty in general! I love Beauty!!! I looooooooooooove it! So check in for our regular blog updates!!! cheers and thanks again for your support! Looking forward to doing your lashes soon xx

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