Lashlift on it's way!!!!

Written by Michelle Sweeney

Hi All


For those client's who have intolerances to the semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesive's on the market - there are other options available.

Coming soon to Eyelush - 'the lash lift'.


The glue is Formaldehyde free!  The lashes are lifted from the root onto a silicone rod to create the illusion of longer looking lashes.


This is a 30 minute treatment that will last for up to 12 weeks - even after showering/swimming.


A tint can be added after the service to provide you with that dark mascara type look.


I will be looking for models over the coming weeks that are interested in receiving a free lash lift and tint!


So please keep an eye out on my facebook page and website for more details.


Lash you soon



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