Disruptions to Services for October

Written by Michelle Sweeney

Hi All


A quick note to let you know about the disruptions to service over the month of October.


As most of you are aware I am continuing my studies with the aim to have these all finalised by the end of October this year.  (Huge sigh of relief in typing this!!!)


I am doing this to ensure I am, not only meeting the regulated standards for a professional in the beauty industry, but also so I can ensure my clients are treated by a professional that has the most up to date training in the beauty industry.


We all know how far the beauty industry has come and how fast the industry changes, so to say that I will have the most up-to-date training and have studied at one of Australia's most prestigious beauty academies is not only an honour but makes me extremely excited for the future of both myself and my clients.


As part of these disruptions I have been accepted to do work experience with one of the top 15 best luxury day spa's in the world.  So this will be completed during this time.  I will also be completing Salon Hours for the French Beauty Academy.


Over the month of October most appointments will be after hours and there will be a couple of weeks where I will be training full time so appointments will be extremely limited during this time, so you will need to check the online booking calendar for appointments, and if you have an event planned please ensure you check early and book early to avoid disappointment.


Apologies to all my devoted lashies, but this will be a massive inconvience to us all for such a great reward!!! Promise! may even run a good special for November to make up for it so keep your eyes peeled!!!


Book now to avoid disappointment!!!


xxx Michelle






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