Male Grooming

Most men are able to get through the first few decades of their life without having to groom their brows.  

It's not til men get abit older that the hairs start to grow in a way that they need maintenance.  Not only brow's but inner ear and nose hair can be distracting to others.

So what to do?  Trim? Shave? Pluck?  Don't do anything... don't touch... book your appointment now.

At cosmetic artistry we treat all clients the same, the key to my success is taming the brow to enhance natural features and not look "waxed" or "done.  Male clients can select a Classique Eyebrow Sculpt - $30 (45 minute consult).

The involves a one-on-one consult to discuss your brows, measurements, waxing, tweezing, trimming and eye massage.

Book now to select the time that suits you best.

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