Cosmetic Tattoo Services


These appointments are performed by a fully qualified technician.

Afterpay and Lay-by payment plans are also available - all payments need finalised prior to any cosmetic tattoo booking.

  • Potential clients must check the list of contraindications on the FAQ page of the website.
  • Initial pre-consultation appointment is required for all clients.
  • It is preferable the pre-consult appointment is not completed on the same day as the actual appointment, please contact to arrange booking of these on the same day.
  • For clients that have been tattooed elsewhere previously you will require a pre-consultation appointment.




Please review the list of contraindications (FAQ) prior to booking the pre-consult appointment; as this may result in cancellation of appointment if any apply.

ALL clients are required to book a pre-consultation appointment prior to their cosmetic tattoo.  This must be booked in ADVANCE of your cosmetic tattoo appointment. (For booking on same day please contact to arrange).

At this appointment we can answer any questions prior to committing to the service. This consult can also include discussions around colour/shape/patch test and overall process). This pre-consultation will be deducted from your procedure payment. Where you have a tattoo from another technician a face to face consultation must be booked prior to tattoo to discuss options.


Powder / Block Eyebrow   $349
- A more traditional method of cosmetic tattoo, and tend to last longer than featherstroke / microblade / hairstroke.  A more solid brow, if you tend to powder over your brows this may be a better option, soft powder edges around the brow.

Block - A more defined edge around the brow, sharp crisp line around the shape, then filled similar to powder brow. 

Microblade / Featherstroke Eyebrow   $399
Hairstroke / featherstroke very natural looking cosmetic tattoo, strokes mimic hairstrokes.  Generally doesn't last as long as powder/block eyebrows (12-18 months depending on a number of variables discussed at the initial consult).

Designer Eyebrow (3D, Hybrid, Ombre)   $399
A good compromise between the two methods - initially powder fill treatment in a slightly lighter pigment, then follow-up with a slightly darker featherstroke.


Traditional eyeliner tattoo. The line is more obvious above the lashline, as is a traditional eyeliner.

Top Eyeliner  $379
Bottom Eyeliner  $329
Top & Bottom Eyeliner  $399


Fine natural line in the lashes, that deepens the lash base - making the lashes appear darker and more full at the base line.

Top Lash Enhancement   $359
Bottom Lash Enhancement  $329
Top & Bottom (Lash Enhancement) $379

Perfection Visit/touch-up (if booked & attended within 4-6 weeks is included in the initial appointment cost)   $0
Additional Perfection Visit (If not booked within 4-6 weeks)   $100
Maintenance Visit (If booked within 12 months of perfection/touch up appointment 50% off same service price)

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