Learn something new every day! Jazz Pampling brow artist to the stars xx

Written by Michelle Sweeney


What a week! Our first week finished off on a high! and to be honest really cements in my mind that I've made the right decision!

A hectic morning, started with trying to get my 20mth old daughter to daycare, after she decided to have a hissy fit all because I took her water bottle from her and put it in my handbag to carry it downstairs to the car! arrrggghhhhh

I accidently had a day up my sleeve to attend the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo. After scouring the expo for new makeups and brushes - all the things I shouldn't be spending money on; I sat to watch a Brow Shaping Look 'n' Learn workshop with Jazz Pampling (Eyebrow artist to the stars). Jazz is based in Sydney and is definitely changing the Australian eyebrow industry - with clients such as Naomi Watts, Samantha Harris and Natarsha Belling just a few of the gorgeous brows created by this inspiring artist.

Having spent the hour amazed at Jazz's ideas and techniques for creating the perfect brow I booked in to attend the extended education program with Jazz! 2.5hrs talking brows!!!

Loved it! learnt so much!! Jazz was inspiring! The group was a small group of 11 so we had her all to ourselves! Looking forward to trying some of her techniques out with my clients. Look out you'll have to lock in a longer appt time!!!! ohhhhhh no! Michelle is at it again!  Thin eyebrows are out!!! the new brow shape is more natural yet defined - it's a careful naturalness! I'm sooooo growing my eyebrows!

Love her natural yet defined brows!! As Jazz said "use what mother nature gave you" just improve on it a little xx

Here are a couple of the brow's Jazz has done! The look is eyebrow! no more of this thin thing on your face! Let your brow do the talking to show off your new lashes! Instant facelift with a gently lifted tail! love love love!!!

Look forward to lashing and browing you soon xx 






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