Listen to your lash tech!!!

Written by Michelle Sweeney

Hi All

A quick blog post! over the past few weeks I have seen numerous new clients.  Some of these are new to lashes all together and others are "just needing somewhere to go.... my lady is booked out".

People have their tastes and I do let my clients choose their lengths and the look they are after with careful guidance.

I'm not sure about other lash technicians but I have done many courses - one common theme of these courses is the "correct selection" of lashes.  This meaning ensuring you apply the correct lash type (length and width) depending on the condition/length of the natural lash.

Unfortunately sometimes this may mean we need to advise you to go down a lash length or to remove volume lashes if we feel your natural lashes either need a break or simply just can't handle the weight.

Clients in most cases are unable to see their natural lashes are oblivious to their condition....  So in saying this...... be kind to your lash technician... listen to her and let her be kind to your natural lashes.

Sure we all want to make money but If we are advising you to have a break from lashes, go down a length or avoid volume lashes doooooooooo it.....

If you don't there's an awfully big change you'll either end up with no lashes left or lashes that are that badly damaged you won't be able to have extensions at all.

SOOOOOOOOOOOo listen to your lash tech.... she knows best xx

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