Pick a lash technician - checklist

Written by Michelle Sweeney

Have decided to start a checklist on "how to pick a lash technician?"

I will add to this list over the coming month's but just wanted to start this list off.

  1. Is the lash technician qualified, do they hold an accreditation with the RTO (registered training organistion)?   YES/NO
  • If YES - they will have a certificated with the following RTO number's included - 
  • 30928QLD - Course in Design and Apply Eyelash Extensions
  • SHBBMUP001 - Apply eyelash extensions


This is a list of the current RTO's approved to deliver this competency with the government.  


If they do not hold an accreditation I would seriously be considering whether I would be willing to risk placing my lashes in a person's care without proper accreditation.

2. Do they have an infection control certificate?

This is not mandatory, but will help you gauge what the therapist/technican is like and whether they hold infection control in high regard.

3. What are their infection control procedures? Do they have any?

These are very important, you can just expect to dip your tweezers in acetone and expect them to be clean! The tweezers should follow the infection control process with cleaning and sterilization where appropriate - for eg (heat/steam sterilisation).  If they don't have these procedures in place... I'd be googling some more to find someone that care's about this process.

3. Do they have a infection control accreditation?

Again, this is not mandatory for lash extensions but but will help you gauge what the therapist/technican is like and whether they hold infection control in high regard.

4. How many lashes in your full set?

The average person has anywhere from up to 100 to anywhere to between 150-200 eyelashes. Eyelashes grow in layers on the eyelid.

The average person has a lash shed between 3-5 lashes naturally per day. This equates to at most a loss of 35 lashes per week.  So you need to keep this in mind when you see an advertisement for a "full set of lashes" and in the fine print (50 LPE - lashes per eye).  Doesn't add up does it?!

Where lash technician's are advertising a full set of lashes - this should mean "they apply an extension to every single viable (in viable I mean strong/healthy) lash.

So really... a full set cannot be pinned down to a number in my opinion.  Set's are not full set until the technician counts your natural lash and applies an extension to every one of those.  If they tell you they cannot count the lashes - this is incorrect ... if we are isolating the lashes correctly it will take all of 2 minutes to count every single lash that has been applied.  Not only for your piece of mind, but also so you know that your walking out with the exact same amount of lashes on each side.

5. What thickness lashes do they use?

These days personally, I wouldn't use a lash more than .15mm in thickness.  This would be for a normal person - with healthy lashes.  This does vary though depending on clients and whether they have previously damaged, fine or thinning lashes.  So the thickness used can be varied so maybe (0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm).

Lash technicians are trained to vary the lash thickness based on each client - so on a case by case basis.

6. What size/length lashes do they use?

Hopefully if you asked a lash technician this question, they would say "I need to look at your natural lashes prior to advising on this".  Some girls want a more longer/fuller look - but if your lash technician is trained correctly they will look at your lashes first before they guarantee any length.

The length chosen, will depend on your natural lash.  I like the natural lash to be at least 1/3 of the extension length.  This also depends on the natural lash - thinning, fine lashes just cannot handle the length in some cases so again it's a case by case basis, and your technician should not feel pressured "just because you like a certain look".

I'm all about preserving the natural lash as best we can... that way.. you will have lovely natural lashes to keep applying extensions to, even if that means I'm losing a client due to not giving them the length they want at least I know they will have lovely healthy natural lashes wherever they go next time, and I have done my job by providing the correct advice.

7.  What type of lashes do they use?

This is really personal preference for each technician. There is no such thing as "vegan lashes". They are all made from synthetic type materials (silk/mink/cashmere are just names), unless you are going to a specialist in real mink.

I will go into the difference of these lash types in another blog - but these are the main lash types that are used.

Will leave this post here - but will continue to update occasionally... hope this helps somewhat xx

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